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Pathways to a Low Carbon Future

Pathways to a Low Carbon Future

ClimateWorks and Australian National University, with CSIRO and the Centre of Policy Studies, have comprehensively modelled one of the many possible pathways to zero net emissions in Australia. The report shows that Australia can create a carbon neutral economy by 2050 using technologies that are already available or in development, while the economy continues to grow by 150%.

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Zero Carbon Britain – Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?


A new report by Zero Carbon Britain Who’s Getting Ready for Zero is a collaboration between CAT and Track0, a London-based not-for-profit organisation which serves as a hub to support those working to phase out greenhouse gas emissions.

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New Book: The Great Transition


The Great Transition is a new book by Lester R. Brown and details the accelerating pace of this global energy revolution. As many countries become less enamored with coal and nuclear power, they are embracing an array of clean, renewable energies.

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The Winning of the Carbon War


A new book, by Jeremy Leggett titled The Winning of the Carbon War, is available for free download

100% Renewable Energy Reports


A collection of 100% renewable energy reports and studies from around the world…

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Byron shire aims to lead Australia on zero emissions community plan


Byron Shire – in the northern rivers region of New South Wales – is aiming to become the first region in Australia to become “net zero emissions”, with a goal to reduce emissions from energy, transport, buildings, waste and land use to zero within 10 years.

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Better Growth Better Climate


The Global Commission, advised by some of the world’s leading economists, has set out a ten point Global Action Plan for governments and businesses to secure better growth in a low-carbon economy.

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Energy Security Outlook


The Energy Security Outlook report examines issues pertinent to India’s energy security. It takes a multi-dimensional view of energy and energy security in India and aims to touch upon all the key issues facing the country’s energy and development agenda.

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Low Carbon West Report


Low Carbon West is a partnership between WAGA, LeadWest and Western Melbourne Regional Development Australia to develop a blueprint for transition to a low carbon economy in the WAGA region.  In 2014, the project developed a baseline for the west’s carbon emissions, identified objectives for the plan and consulted on actions to fulfill them.

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Pathways to Deep Decarbonization


On September 19, 2014 the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project published its 2014 report, which was presented at the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23, 2014.

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