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Dispatches from the One Degree War


A conversation with Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption.

Paul Gilding, author of the One Degree War Plan and The Great Disruption believes that a global climate crisis is inevitable and indeed is already unfolding all around us. He is also profoundly hopeful that full recognition of the consequences of this crisis will trigger the societal transformations required to prevent runaway climate change.

An experienced and committed environmental advocate, Paul was formerly CEO of Greenpeace International and a founder of Ecos Corporation and Easy Being Green. He has also served in the Australian military, and the title of his post carbon economy transition strategy the  ‘One Degree War Plan’ demonstrates his willingness to use wartime analogies to communicate the urgency and scale of the challenge that lies before us.

People have real trouble relating to transformational change… whereas they know that you can fight wars and win. They know its about sacrifice… They know that war means heavy government involvement, which this will be. There’s just no better analogy”.  

We recently spoke to Paul about the key aims, impacts and lessons of the One Degree War Plan and The Great Disruption along with other reflections on the challenges and possibilities of a rapid transition to a post carbon future.

Click here to download the full transcript.

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