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Trottier Project Review of Low Carbon Scenarios


In a similar vein to our review of 18 post carbon economy transition strategies from around the world, a new report from Canada’s Trottier Energy Futures Project is definitely worth a look.

The report contains a comparative review of eight comprehensive, long range, quantitative scenario analyses of what truly low carbon futures (emissions at least 80% below current levels) might look like for rich, industrial countries.

It considers the following eight strategies:

AUSTRALIA: Long Term Greenhouse Gas Scenarios, Australia Institute, 2002

CANADA: Energy [R]evolution – A Sustainable Energy Outlook for Canada”, Greenpeace International/European Renewable Energy Council, 2010

New Post Carbon Pathways Overview Report – Now Available

Our new report analysing 18 of the world’s most comprehensive and innovative post carbon economy transition strategies has just been published by the Centre for Policy Development and the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute.

Download the Briefing Paper

Download the SUMMARY

Download the FULL REPORT

Download powerpoint slides from the Post Carbon Pathways launch, March 15, 2012.

What Australia can learn from the world’s best de-carbonisation policies

Image source: AAP

As posted on The Conversation16 March, 2012.

By Professor John Wiseman and Taegen Edwards

Around the world an increasing number of detailed policy road maps are demonstrating the possibility, necessity and urgency of a rapid transition to a just and sustainable post carbon future. The key barriers to this transition are social and political, not technological and financial.

The Post Carbon Pathways report, published by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne and the Centre for Policy Development has reviewed 18 of the most comprehensive and rigorous post carbon economy transition strategies.