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Professor John Wiseman

Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne.

John Wiseman is a Professorial Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne John has worked in a wide range of public sector and academic including as Foundation Director of the McCaughey Centre, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne; Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University; and Assistant Director, Policy Development and Research, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. The major focus of his current work is on the social and political transformations needed to reduce the risks of runaway climate change. He is also actively researching the development and implementation of post carbon economy transition plans and strategies and integrated and sustainable approaches to framing, measuring and achieving social, economic and ecological wellbeing.


Taegen Edwards

Research Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne.

As a research fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Taegen currently contributes to a number of projects under the Climate Transformations initiative, which is broadly concerned with the social implications of climate change and enabling transformative responses that are consistent with just and sustainable communities. Key projects have included the production of the Liveable and Just toolkit, the Scenarios for Climate Adaptation project and, more recently, the Post Carbon Pathways report analysing large-scale post carbon economy transition plans.


Dr Kate Luckins

Research and Project Assistant, MSSI & VEIL, Melbourne University.

Kate’s work has revolved around innovative solutions to mainstream consumptive lifestyles in Australia. This is demonstrated through the success and ongoing growth of ‘The Clothing Exchange’. In 2011, she completed her PhD investigating young Australians sustainable lifestyles which led to the development of Project Otherwise. She is currently undertaking research into transformative social change at the Victorian Eco Innovation Laboratory and working on the second Post Carbon Pathways report investigating the social and political challenges transition plans face.