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Imagine 2035

Imagine it is October 2035. The transition to a healthy, just and sustainable post-carbon future is well underway in Australia / or the World.  There is now a real hope that catastrophic climate change will be avoided.  How did this happen? What were the key obstacles and how were they overcome?

Here are the responses..

Miriam Lyons_for PCPMiriam Lyons
Gross National Happiness
2033. What an inspiring time to be alive! Global wellbeing is up, inequality is down, leisure is up, unemployment down, lifespans are up, and greenhouse gas emissions are going down, down, down…


Chris Ryan_for PCPChris Ryan
Revolutionary transformation and disruptive change
A critical part of the successful transition over the decades has clearly been a realignment of power – economic and political, but also cultural and intellectual….


anna-roseAnna Rose
Removing the fossil fuel licence
My proposition is that in 2033 we will have removed the social and economic licence of the fossil fuel industry…



Samuel Alexander
The Hour Is Darkest Just Before Dawn
As I look back from the year 2033, I would like to be able to tell you that the transition to our low-carbon society was smooth and rational….


Kirsten Larsen
2033 Visions
It’s a messy story of creation and resistance, of times of turmoil when cultural and moral boundaries become as murky as the tipping point or trigger of a system’s collapse..


Helen Camakaris
Beating the odds and building a future
There was a global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, as governments increased carbon taxes and shareholders divested, bringing about the collapse of the fossil fuel industry….


The Student Competition
Students from the University of Melbourne were also asked to present their ideas on a post-carbon future, by answering the above question.  The many entries were narrowed down to six finalists and four winners were awarded prizes for the most outstanding and innovative ideas.

Here are the six finalists…

ECOllaboration: Fundamentals of the Modern Society
Friedrich von Oldershausen, Tim Watson, Nat Phillips and Matthew Stewart
Widespread recognition of democratic failings leads to the global commitment to neo-democracy….


A Post-Carbon Success Story
Danuta Kucharska and Camila Alvarez.
There is scientific evidence that atmospheric carbon is falling, temperature rises are stabilising, and we are finally learning to live sustainably…


One Child One Tree Policy
Rafael Diezmos and Franciosca Gavino
The Australian government implemented the One-Child-One-Tree Policy to promote environmental awareness and environmental responsibility among Australian citizens….


The Ideal City
Matthew Healey
The change was absolutely vital due to concerns around urban areas playing increasingly important roles as population sinks resulting in astonishing negative social, economic, and environmental impacts…


Problem solved
Lachlan Walden, Jonathan Tree and Andrew Urquhart
Every great challenge requires a comprehensive plan to be effectively overcome. Three fundamental pillars – acting in a highly integrated manner – have enabled this transformation…


From Earth to Elysium
Mats Junek and Thien Tran
We looked to history, and realised that the key to surviving adversity is stability, not growth…

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