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Click on the links below to download transcripts of our recent interviews with policy makers, researchers and activists involved in developing, promoting and implementing large scale post carbon transition plans.



Breaking the power of the fossil fuel industry is going to be the real key

An interview with Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben, environmental author and founder of the climate campaign, speaks about the importance of divestment from fossil fuels. This interview was conducted following his recent speaking tour of Australia.

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Dispatches from the One Degree War

A conversation with Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption.

Paul Gilding, author of the One Degree War Plan and The Great Disruption believes that a global climate crisis is inevitable and indeed is already unfolding all around us. He is also profoundly hopeful that full recognition of the consequences of this crisis will trigger the societal transformations required to prevent runaway climate change.

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‘Understand the science and make informed, long term decisions…’

An interview with Roy Neel, Chief of Staff to Al Gore

Having worked with former US Vice President Al Gore for the last 35 years, Roy Neel has kept a close eye on climate change science and the evolution of climate policy debates in the United States and globally.

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From despair to hope…Educate! Educate! Educate!

An interview with Jenny Clad, Executive Director of The Climate Project

Jenny Clad, Executive Director of The Climate Project, had to be quick on her feet to meet and exceed the ambitious goals of project founder, Al Gore, to build a global network of thousands of trained climate change science communicators.

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You’ve got to have a narrative! Creating a positive vision and organising to beat the Australian fossil fuel industry

An interview with Mark Ogge, Operations Director at Beyond Zero Emissions

Mark Ogge, a Melbourne-based fine artist and Operations Director at Beyond Zero Emissions, believes that the best way to inspire people to get behind action on climate change at the speed and scale required is to present solutions that match that speed and scale.

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Business momentum and technological leapfrogs… towards a low carbon Australian economy

An interview with Anna Skarbek, Executive Director, ClimateWorks Australia  

As Executive Director of ClimateWorks Australia, a non-profit collaboration between Monash University and The Myer Foundation, Anna has overseen the development of a range of technical briefing papers, detailed reports and low carbon transition plans, including the national scale Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia, released in 2010 and updated in 2011.

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Powering a Green Planet

An interview with Professor Mark Z. Jacobson, Director of Atmosphere and Energy at Stanford University

 Mark Z. Jacobson is the co-author, with Mark A. Delucchi, of ‘A Plan to Power 100 percent of the Planet with Renewables’, published in Scientific American and Energy Policy. The study shows how all of the world’s energy needs could be met by wind, water and solar resources by 2030.

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‘A vision that is bold and comprehensive and supported by a lot of good analysis…’

An interview with Mark Delucchi, Research Scientist at the Institute for Transportation Studies, UC Davis.

Mark A. Delucchi is the co-author, with Mark Z. Jacobson, of ‘A Plan to Power 100 percent of the Planet with Renewables’ published in Scientific American and the journal, Energy Policy. The study shows how all of the world’s energy needs could be met by wind, water and solar resources by 2030.

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‘We’re really on the edge of some fundamental changes…’

An interview with Lester Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute

Widely published and a leading figure of the environmental movement in the US, Lester Brown is the author of the Plan B series and World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse,published in 2011.

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Time for an honest acceptance of our integrated climate, energy and sustainability challenges

An interview with Ian Dunlop, Chair of Safe Climate Australia, Deputy Convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Member of the Club of Rome.

Ian Dunlop provides advice on governance and sustainability internationally and advocates for a coordinated response to the integrated challenges of climate change, energy, food and water security.

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The power of parallel narratives… painting a picture of a zero carbon Britain

An interview with Peter Harper, Head of Research and Innovation at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales, and co-author of Zero Carbon Britain 2030.

Peter Harper is one of several authors of Zero Carbon Britain 2030 which presents an integrated vision for how the United Kingdom can reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030. He is Head of Research and Innovation at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, UK, where he has worked for over 20 years.

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‘Reinventing fire’ through corporate and social innovation

An interview with Amory Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute; author of Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era.

Amory Lovins is Chairman and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute and Chairman Emeritus of Fiberforge Corporation. He recently published Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for a New Energy Era which describes a pathway for the United States to transition completely away from oil, coal and nuclear energy by 2050, even while the economy expands 2.6 fold in line with official projections.

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An interview with Kevin Curtis, Chief Program and Advocacy Officer, The Climate Reality Project. 

Kevin Curtis has been around the US political system for a long time – his first job out of college was as the lowest paid political appointee at the Department of Energy under President Jimmy Carter and he’s worked on energy policy on and off since then.

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“It seems we are quite close to a solar revolution…”

An interview with Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager, Global Renewable Energy Policy, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Jean-Philippe Denruyter is manager of Global Renewable Energy Policy at the conservation organization WWF. He played a key role in developing WWF’s The Energy Report: 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, released in 2011.

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An interview with the UK Committee on Climate Change’s Adrian Gault, Chief Economist, and Alex Kazaglis, Senior Policy Analyst.  

Adrian Gault (left) joined the secretariat of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in May 2009, where he is responsible for analytical work looking at UK greenhouse gas emission reduction potential and costs. Alex Kazaglis joined the CCC in October 2009, where he leads the analytical work program covering the industry and buildings sectors.

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The view from 2052…

An interview with Jørgen Randers, Professor of Climate Strategy at the Norwegian Business School; co-author of Limits to Growth and (with Paul Gilding), The One Degree War Plan; author of 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years, Chelsea Green, NY.

As one of the authors of the original Limits to Growth analysis released in 1972, Jørgen Randers has been thinking about long term sustainability trends and complex systems for a long time.

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The transformational challenges of climate change: An interview with Professor John Schellnhuber and Professor Ottmar Edenhofer

Professor John Schellnhuber is Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Chair, German Advisory Council on Global Change. Professor Ottmar Edenhofer is Deputy Director and Chief Economist, PIK and Co-Chair of Working Group III of the IPCC.

In this interview Professor Schellnhuber and Professor Edenhofer outline their views on the speed and scale of the social, political and economic transformations needed to reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change.

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We need the courage to seek and develop a new paradigm

An interview with Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and Professor of Energy and Climate Change, University of Manchester.

In his various roles, Kevin Anderson engages widely across all tiers of government in the UK. Far from sanguine about our climate change future, he invests his hopes in institutional and personal courage to create a genuinely new worldview.

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