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Zero Carbon Britain – Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?


A new report by Zero Carbon Britain Who’s Getting Ready for Zero is a collaboration between CAT and Track0, a London-based not-for-profit organisation which serves as a hub to support those working to phase out greenhouse gas emissions.

Link to report


Radical Emissions Planning: Kevin Anderson interviews


Watch these recent videos featuring Kevin Anderson on our climate change responsibilities, following the recent Radical  Emissions Reduction Conference in the UK. Kevin answers important questions on the purpose of the conference, on scientists being “political”, and on civil disobedience and shale gas.

Radical Emission Reductions: plans & strategies

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In December 2013, Professor John Wiseman presented at the Radical Emission Reduction Conference, held in London. The conference provided an evidence-base for developing radical-mitigation strategies.

Imagine 2033: The Festival of Ideas

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As part of the Environments Day at this year’s University of Melbourne Festival of Ideas 2013, various Environmental experts were asked to deliver their ideas for a post-carbon future.  Each one was asked to answer the following question as a presentation to the audience on the day.