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Zero Carbon Britain – Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?


A new report by Zero Carbon Britain Who’s Getting Ready for Zero is a collaboration between CAT and Track0, a London-based not-for-profit organisation which serves as a hub to support those working to phase out greenhouse gas emissions.

Link to report


Low Carbon West Report


Low Carbon West is a partnership between WAGA, LeadWest and Western Melbourne Regional Development Australia to develop a blueprint for transition to a low carbon economy in the WAGA region.  In 2014, the project developed a baseline for the west’s carbon emissions, identified objectives for the plan and consulted on actions to fulfill them.

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Pathways to a zero-carbon economy: John Wiseman


A new working paper by Prof John Wiseman titled ‘Pathways to a zero-carbon economy: learning from large scale de-carbonisation strategies‘, provides an overview of key features of the most promising and innovative large scale low-carbon economy transition plans and strategies.