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New Book: The Great Transition


The Great Transition is a new book by Lester R. Brown and details the accelerating pace of this global energy revolution. As many countries become less enamored with coal and nuclear power, they are embracing an array of clean, renewable energies.

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The transition to renewable energy is eminently affordable

Solar panel default China

The Guardian, 13 April 2014

Landmark UN analysis concludes global roll-out of clean energy would shave only a tiny fraction off economic growth.  Catastrophic climate change can be averted without sacrificing living standards according to a UN report, which concludes that the transformation required to a world of clean energy is eminently affordable.

Carbon divestment is a shining example


Mary Robinson wrote this article for The Guardian on Tuesday 18 February 2014, discussing divestment as the key to moving to a low-carbon economy.

Post-Growth Economics: A Paradigm Shift in Progress


By Samuel Alexander

This paper reviews the key thinkers and movements in the emerging paradigm of ‘post-growth’ economics.